Baggage Control

Rushing through the airport, missing a flight, waiting and waiting on a solution and to find a way back to Africa. Two day layover, needing my luggage and then waiting again for them to find it in the huge airport. And as I was sitting on that hard plastic chair in a bright white room with other people who are also just waiting, I realized something. 1. Adventures aren’t always fun. Sometimes they’re time-consuming and stressful and hard. 2.God has been growing this heart of mine. I really have changed. I’m not the same person I used to be, and this is good because it means ever so slowly I am learning to look more like Jesus.
Those of you who know me know that I am not especially patient. I like to be busy and I don’t like waiting in lines or waiting for things to happen… any form of waiting I’m typically against. But God has been ever so gently erasing my stubbornness in this area and teaching me the fruit of patience. I also have a bit of me that likes to be in control and make sure things go smoothly and efficiently and according to plan. Well, when you miss your flight and are at the mercy of airport personnel, you are definitely not in control and there will definitely be much waiting involved. So there I was. Sipping on my water and watching the people outside the glass walls collect their baggage and go on their way to explore Dubai. I just wanted the ordeal to be over, but I realized, in spite of the stress of the situation so far, I was not tapping my foot impatiently and frantically reaching for my music or book or anything to occupy my mind so I wouldn’t feel the strain of the waiting. I was sitting calmly, watching National Treasure play on the TV across the room and smiling a bit at how it reminded me of America. I was calm. I had some strange peace that in spite of everything, it was going to work out and be ok. And my heart turned to lift praise heavenward because truly this was the work of God in my life… I was waiting patiently, calmly. And maybe it seems like such a small thing to you, but let me tell you dear heart- celebrate the small victories. They matter and the work God is doing in your heart to make you more like Him is something to be celebrated. And maybe it was no coincidence that I was sitting in Baggage Control when God revealed His nearness to me. When we’re so focused on our own crap and how we don’t measure up, it’s easy to miss the ways God wants to guide us into growth. When I’m anxious and stressed and trying to hold tightly to my plan, then I’m carrying a weight I was never meant to bear. God has everything perfectly within His control. So maybe we all have a little baggage we can drop at the door, to lighten our load as we run this race of following Jesus. Maybe mine is my need to make things happen and control all the things… because God is still on the throne, and He really doesn’t need my help. So I may not ever stop making a plan, but if I can wait patiently when the plan changes and calmly trust that God’s got it handled… I think I can say I’m making progress on this following Him thing. And I did eventually get my luggage and proceeded to enjoy an unexpected 2 day layover in Dubai. So that’s a bit of my crazy life and what God is teaching me. Maybe this story will meet you where you are and bring some encouragement. Regardless, this is for those with victory in their veins who see Jesus moving and look for ways to give Him praise… because regardless of how bad it gets we still have so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for you, reading this. May you find more of Jesus today than you did yesterday. Much love.


2 thoughts on “Baggage Control

  1. Wesley Chapel Church in Dale Co. Alabama prays for you weekly in our payer meeting . Many of our members read your stories on your blog.
    God bless and protect you


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